Stakeholder Coordination

Facilitating positive relationships between resource extraction and recreation assets.

Stakeholder Coordination

We use a comprehensive and efficient needs assessment system to coordinate stakeholders and optimize outcomes. The current public comment system produces a vast amount of data, which land managers rarely have the resources to effectively analyze. More capacity is required to synthesize stakeholder needs. We bring professional support to this process, resulting in cohesive land use proposals that efficiently incorporate the views of a broad range of stakeholders.

Public Land Solutions works with a network of hundreds of outdoor and gateway businesses with an interest in public land and the wise stewardship of recreation assets that support current and future recreation economies. This network is active and effective regarding a number of public lands issues, from exercising the recreation business voice on public land legislation, to providing targeted input to oil and gas leasing that may affect recreation assets. Through these and other initiatives PLS has represented the recreation business voice and effectively worked with a range of policymakers from local county commissioners to Interior Department officials.

An Example of Stakeholder Coordination

Stakeholder Coordination, Public Land Solutions

In 2015 Public Land Solutions coordinated a series of public workshops to discuss, learn, and have honest communication surrounding the then proposed Master Leasing Plan, created by the Bureau of Land Management. We brought stakeholders from a broad spectrum of interests together, including:

  • Outdoor Industry Executives
  • Local Business Leaders
  • Oil & Gas Industry Representatives
  • Local Residents

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