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Outdoor Recreation Survey

Demand for outdoor access is at an all time high and is expected to keep growing. To meet this demand and provide outdoor access for all communities, Public Land Solutions has created the Outdoor Recreation Survey. The goal is to survey communities about their outdoor spaces (regardless of land owner or manager), to understand which natural places are successfully contributing to quality of life and economic development and which ones need improvements.

Public Land Solutions is working to collect local input on outdoor opportunities in your community. Are recreation assets meeting today’s needs? If so, how? Are there challenges and opportunities you see that would provide better access to improved natural places, if so where?

By collecting information about the 2-3 best recreation assets in your region and the 2-3 places that most need improvement, PLS will be able to identify trends in both best practices and critical needs for providing quality outdoor access, related economic development, and maintenance for natural places.

If you would prefer to host a facilitated roundtable discussion on your area’s recreation please contact us.