PUBLIC LAND SOLUTIONSA non-profit recreation economy consultant

PLS is dedicated to providing comprehensive recreation asset analysis and stakeholder coordination to support effective public land solutions. We work in two primary categories: helping communities seeking to add outdoor recreation to their economic development strategies and developing policies and legislation that support those communities.

Creating Community Supported Recreation Opportunities

Prosperous communities share a variety of characteristics, but one of them most important is access to recreation assets in natural places. By enhancing recreation access to healthy public lands in cities and rural communities, elected official at all levels have the opportunity to grow both visitation and business investment. Public Land Solutions assist communities in improving and adding to their recreation assets on public lands, keeping both local quality of life and visitor experiences in mind.

Supporting Public Land Policy

Supporting Public Land Policy

Public Land Solutions engages local elected officials, NGO’s, and community businesses in public land policy. Businesses include retailers, outfitters, manufacturers, hotels, and restaurants along with other industries that depend on outdoor recreation on public lands to both attract visitors and to provide high quality of life to local residents. Local voices with direct experience on public lands provide authentic input to both policies and legislation affecting public land, energy transition, and ecosystem protections.

Current Projects

Public Land Solutions is currently working with the New Mexico Outdoor Recreation Division on a project called the New Mexico Uplift Initiative. We are conducting stakeholder outreach and collecting input on how and where people are recreating in New Mexico. We will then use this info combined with our research and expertise to develop recommendations for improving existing recreation assets and creating new ones to meet community goals regarding the local quality of life, outdoor access, and economic development in the state.