New Mexico Uplift Initiative

March 2022 – July 2023

Public Land Solutions worked with the Outdoor Recreation Division of the New Mexico Economic Development Department to complete a statewide recreation asset review, titled the New Mexico Uplift Initiative. This review included extensive stakeholder outreach and detailed discussions with land managers to create statewide and county-by-county recommendations. These recommendations incorporate best practices in experience management on public lands. The goal of the project is to provide equitable outdoor access to improve the quality of life for all residents and visitors, while simultaneously utilizing recreation access to natural places to inspire business investment in communities that need it the most.

NM Uplift Outdoor Recreation Recommended Plans

NM Outdoor Recreation Grants and Funding Opportunities

Thank You To Everyone Who Participated in NM Uplift!

We are so grateful to all the New Mexicans who emailed us, attended meetings, worked with us, and supported this project in a myriad of ways. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Please direct all future questions and comments about the NM Uplift Initiative to the NM Outdoor Recreation Division.

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