Public Land Solutions:
Outdoor Recreation and Healthy Economies

Recreation opportunities on public lands bring quality of life that drives economic development.

Prosperous communities share a variety of characteristics, but one of the most important is access to recreation assets in natural places. By enhancing recreation access to healthy public lands in cities and rural communities, elected officials at all levels have the opportunity to grow both investment in and visitation to their communities. Public Land Solutions assists communities seeking to improve their recreation assets as part of their economic development strategies.

Creating Community Supported Proposals

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Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Creating Community Supported Recreation Opportunities

Outdoor Recreation Review

Public Land Solutions engages with local government, land management agencies, and regional stakeholders to research and develop a comprehensive outdoor recreation review. This review guides community conversations about future recreation opportunities.

Stakeholder Engagement

Public Land Solutions, provides an inclusive forum for all community members to have an opportunity to discuss recreation assets and the role they play in local economies.

Community Based Recommendations

Working with local communities, Public Land Solutions develops  recommendations to improve existing and potential opportunities for outdoor recreation that will benefit local residents and economies. 

Sample Projects

Questa, New Mexico: A Culture Rich Outdoor Experience

In October 2020 the Questa Economic Development Fund contracted with PLS to create a community-based proposal for recreation asset development in the region. The goal of the proposal is to realize the potential inherent in nearby recreation assets on public lands. In conversations with local stakeholders, Public Land Solutions (PLS) identified a variety of additional components that will accelerate Questa’s ability to attract recreation related visitors, along with recreation and quality of life businesses.

Emery County, Utah: Close to Town Recreation Product Mix

Emery County is well positioned to benefit from its extensive public lands by welcoming and managing visitors in ways that will maintain the county’s authentic character and meet the needs of local residents. Through extensive stakeholder outreach and research, this report details suggested improvements in needed new or improved recreation assets close to towns.

Montrose County, Colorado: The West End Trails Proposal

According to the Economic Development Action Plan: West End of Montrose County, Colorado, “predominance of public lands, roads and trails combined with the visible history of the area makes the West End rich with recreational opportunities, but capitalizing on these assets has proven to be a challenge.” The West End Trails Proposal was produced by Public Land Solutions after facilitating a stakeholder process with local interests to determine the need and feasibility of new trail development in the Nucla/Naturita area.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Public Land Solutions is committed to promoting and developing outdoor access for all. The communities we support are rich culturally and oftentimes it’s these unique perspectives that offer better insight into the regional outdoor recreation assets and their value to the community. Our work is driven by a strong desire to ensure all stakeholders are present and heard.


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