San Juan County Commission votes to support Bears Ears

by Feb 25, 2019Cultural Tourism

New resolution rescinds previous measure that supported reducing the monument


The three-member commission of San Juan County, Utah voted 2-1 on a resolution that dissolves all previous resolutions opposing the establishment of the monument or calling for its downsizing.   

The vote comes within a few weeks of the introduction of a House bill that, if passed, would not only restore the original borders of Bears Ears, but expand it and increase tribal involvement in the monument’s management.

Cedar Mesa

However, not all who attended the county commission meeting were happy about the resolutions. Some residents spoke out against it, saying they were not being represented by the commission’s two new Navajo members, Kenneth Maryboy and Willie Greyeyes. Some speakers also expressed concern that a restored or expanded Bears Ears monument could prevent oil, gas, and mining extraction, which historically have flourished in the county.

Elsewhere in San Juan County, the Blanding City Council passed its own resolution opposing any more changes to the monument without further community engagement.

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