MOAB, UT — Today the Biden Administration released a report detailing progress on their America the Beautiful initiative. In response to the report’s release Ashley Korenblat, Managing Director of Public Land Solutions, released the following statement:   

“Public Land Solutions works directly with communities using public lands in their natural state as economic drivers. Two major enduring economic trends: growth in remote work and steadily increasing demand for outdoor access, are poised to shape the future of cities and towns across the country – and the America the Beautiful initiative will play a key role.

“Yes the outdoor industry and tourism play an important role in our economy through the products and services provided, but the story in many public land communities today is about quality of life. As more and more professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporations find themselves able to locate wherever they choose, places with outdoor access and the quality of life it provides, are seeing business investment of all types.

“In addition to the America the Beautiful goal of increasing access for outdoor recreation, nearly every component of the initiative will encourage private investment. Adding parks and outdoor access to nature deprived communities will lead to more business investment in these key places. As tribal communities consider future options, indigenous traditional ecological knowledge will be increasingly valuable from both an ecological and an economic perspective. Expanding fish and wildlife corridors and restoring lands of all kinds will lead to even more places where quality of life for local residents can be improved. As more rural communities seek ways to bring 21st century jobs to local youth, voluntary conservation efforts that improve and maintain traditional outdoor lifestyles through keeping land in, or restoring it to, its natural state will become increasingly popular and powerful. Plus, the jobs created by the projects that result from the America the Beautiful initiative will be extremely valuable in the places that need them the most.

“Public Land Solutions looks forward to all of the economic opportunities provided by natural places, and the role the America the Beautiful initiative will play in improving quality of life across the nation.”