Master Leasing Plans

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is lead­ing the way to ensure a balanced approach to energy development on public lands. BLM is doing this with an innovative planning tool known as a master leas­ing plan that looks across the landscape, involves local stakeholders, and avoids conflicts before they start.

By identifying the right places to drill along with the values we need to protect — such as clean water, clean air, wildlife habitat, outdoor recreation, and farm and ranchland — we can ensure that our lands are working in a balanced way for the benefit of everyone.

Learn more about Master Leasing Plan projects Public Land Solutions is currently playing an active role with.

Master Leasing Plan, San Rafael Swell

San Rafael Desert MLP

This plan aims to balance existing and potential oil and gas leases with recreation and wilderness in over 500,000 acres of the desert, located in Utah. Learn More.

Master Leasing Plan, Tres Rios

Tres Rios MLP

The BLM’s Tres Rios Field Office could effectively and fairly balance the management of approximately 323,000 acres, 80,000 of which fall within the federal oil and gas estate. Learn More.

Master Leasing Plan, Moab

Moab Area MLP

Interior Secretary Jewell’s hard work supporting the collaborative approach of the Moab Master Leasing Plan is so important to Moab’s business leaders. Learn More.

A balanced approach will strengthen western economies, especially in rural areas with public lands. The recent downturn in oil and gas prices has fueled another bust in oil and gas development, emphasizing the need for economic diversity. By turning away from a winner-take-all approach, we can allow for responsible energy development while also providing for growth in other industries, such as tourism and recreation.