30 outdoor recreation businesses applaud the Obama Administration’s approach to balanced energy development, common sense regulations

by Sep 28, 2016Methane Outreach, Outdoor Outreach

$646-billion industry depends on access to clean air, land and water

Download the letter here: outdoor-biz-letter-on-energy-reforms-9-26-16










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Tuesday, August 9th, 2022 at 5:36pm
Bryan Pletta of @StoneAgeGym supports strong @BLMNational rules that eliminate energy waste from routine venting and flaring and have the added benefit of protecting our air, climate, and #OutdoorRecreation on our shared #PublicLands. #CutMethane
https://t.co/pglMflrUHJ https://t.co/eTVqfnzfSj

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