San Juan County Announces Open Houses for Utah Public Lands Proposals

by | Oct 17, 2014 | Master Leasing Plans, Outdoor Outreach

San Juan County Announces Open Houses for Utah Public Lands Proposals 

          – San Juan County Record – Oct 15, 2014

Meetings will be held at 7 p.m at:

  • Monument Valley High School on Monday, October 27
  • Blanding Arts and Events Center on October 28
  • Bluff Community Center on October 29
  • Aneth Chapter House on November 3
  • Monticello High School on November 5
  • La Sal Community Center on November 6

San Juan County has scheduled a series of meetings to present alternatives developed by a citizens’ advisory council for a public lands bill currently being developed by Congressman Rob Bishop.

The Public Lands Initiative is designed to resolve several longstanding controversies regarding public land in San Juan County and across the state.

In late October and early November the San Juan County public lands council will present three alternatives developed by a wide range of San Juan County citizen stakeholders who have met numerous times over the course of the last several months. San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman heads the lands council and its members include Mark Maryboy, Heidi Redd, Josh Ewing, Tim Chamberlain. Steve Deeter, Todd Westcott, Grayson Redd, Vaughn Hadenfeldt, Brent Johansen, Shane Shumway, Marie Holiday, Shaye Holiday, and Stefnee Turk. San Juan County employees Nick Sandberg and John Fellmeth also provided technical advice.

One consensus alternative emerged from three total alternatives developed by this group, each which outlined proposals for a range of new land designations including wilderness at locations such as Mancos Mesa, Mikes Canyon, Steer Gulch, Mule Canyon, Dark Canyon, Butler Wash, Cross Canyon, Bridger Jack Mesa, Indian Creek and Behind the Rocks; and for new National Conservation Areas at Cedar Mesa and Indian Creek.

Maps outlining these alternatives will be available to the open houses and are on San Juan County website at

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