Leading Outdoor Businesses Oppose Rollback of Methane Waste and Prevention Rule

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Methane Outreach

Urge Congress to Vote Against the Congressional review Act

On March 7 several leading outdoor businesses, such as Patagonia, Petzl, Woolwich, and Oars wrote Congress urging member of the US Senate to vote against the use of the Congressional Review Act for the Bureau of Land Management Methane and Waste Prevention Rule.

Business leaders noted that their companies are part of the $646 billion outdoor industry and we are bringing jobs to communities across the country in many ways. Recreation visitors bring needed dollars to cities and towns that have recreation assets like rivers, trails, and other outdoor spaces where fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, biking, climbing and a long list of other outdoor activities take place. Second, companies like ours, both large and small, are choosing to locate in these communities because our employees want to live in places with access to the great outdoors.

Across the country, communities that have previously depended upon resource extraction have begun to diversify into recreation and it is regulations like the Methane Rule that make this possible. By implementing best practices and using newly developed technologies we can:

  • Improve air quality in oil fields across the country.
  • Create jobs that can never be exported overseas.
  • Bring needed royalty revenue to county budgets.
  • Support the growing recreation industry.

Across the country we are seeing that healthy public lands lead to healthy economies. These outdoor companies, such as the Aspen Skiing Company, Osprey and Mountain Gear urged their senators that missing this opportunity to create jobs and saddling oil and gas communities with old technology that prohibits them from diversifying their economies would a bad business decision. See the full letter here.


Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 2:55pm
PLS Founder Ashley K on @CNN re Antiquities Act review: "Show me the money." https://t.co/zrmRMAt4Mq

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