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Bob Greenberg, Chair

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Don Marquardt

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Gregg Bagni

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Michael Pearce

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Steve McBee

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Bob Greenberg, Chair – Moab, Utah

Bob is a former Grand County Council Member and retired Executive Director of a multi-county behavioral health agency serving SE Utah. He is an avid outdoorsman and has worked as a white water guide in Arizona and Utah. Bob served on the Technical Advisory Team on Socioeconomics to the Governor’s Nuclear Waste Site Task Force. He has lived in Grand, San Juan, Emery, and Carbon Counties and continues to hike, bike, raft, four wheel and ski.

 Don Marquardt – Moab, Utah

Don opened his solo medical practice on Main Street in Moab in 1980, and subsequently was owner, business manager, and physician for Moab Immediate Care & X-Ray until retiring in 2014.  His diverse educational experiences at Grinnell College [BA], Stanford University [PhD], Washington University-St. Louis [MD], as well as the University of Utah [Residency in Family Medicine] contributed to his deep appreciation for science and enjoyment of the Western mountains, their ecology and recreational opportunities. Although continuing to work as physician in Alaska, he is planning to retire to Utah and enjoys spending half the year in Moab, finally with time to contribute to the place he loves.

Gregg Bagni – Boulder, Colorado

Gregg serves as a director with White Road Investments, a fund driven by Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford, founders of Clifbar. WRI helps emerging mission-driven companies grow and prosper in the natural foods, outdoor and bicycle industries. He claims this gig is proof that he is the luckiest being on this planet. Gregg works behind the scenes with WRI companies offering up counsel, energy, and direction around branding, marketing, and product development. His decades of earthly experience give him the ‘nimbility’ to uniquely interact with brands in the outdoor, bike, and natural food worlds.

Michael Pearce – Santa Fe, New Mexico

A trained geologist with a bachelor’s degree from Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin, Mike wandered into Moab in 1973 and fell into work as a mine geologist with Atlas Minerals. In order to escape the underground world of uranium, he became a land surveyor, a river guide, a local Moab musician, and many other things. The music took him to Los Angeles, California in 1984 to seek a career in songwriting while “not giving up his day job” of land surveying in the big city. After moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1993, Mike was offered an opportunity to survey microwave radio communication links for Alcatel Lucent and consequently traveled the US and parts of the world until 2014 when he retired. He now has a budding new “career” as a photographer.



Steve McBee – San Francisco, California

Steve was most recently President and CEO of NRG Home, one the market’s largest sustainable energy companies with $6 billion revenue, $650 million EBITDA, and serving over three million customers. Previously, Steve acted as a principal advisor to a broad portfolio of companies and investors on strategic, technology, and regulatory trends in the new energy space. Steve was also the founder and CEO of McBee Strategic Consulting, one of the largest and most diverse advisory firms in Washington, DC. During Steve’s twelve year tenure as CEO, McBee Strategic consistently produced industry-leading growth rates and established innovative integrated service models that delivered to clients a broad portfolio of strategic, policy, research, communications, and digital solutions.


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